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How We Work
Recruit Better People

Psychology based recruitment will enable you to add certainty to your recruitment .

As Thomas International trained practitioners scientific validity is at the core of everything we do.

Our assessments are driven by sound principles which means they are robust and reliable. The PPA has been registered by the British Psychological Society certifying that it meets the minimum psychometric requirements for use as a psychological test.

We have conducted research by following a batch of sales people over a 25 year period and this research proves how we can add considerable certainty to your recruitment and selection decisions.

Engagement Retaining People

One of the most critical issues facing UK PLC today is how to retain the employees a business will want to keep Employee departures costs a company not just time, but also money, and other valuable resources.

Our research suggests unexpected staff departures come complete with often unforeseen staff replacement costs and if we take account of the costs incurred these might be say 50% of the employee’s annual salary, with total costs associated with turnover ranging from 90% to 100% of annual salary

We can help with a business to overcome the challenges of the talent scarcity we forecast is looming—and that this shortage will make finding and keeping the right people with the right skills increasingly challenging for many businesses

We found that highly engaged employees were five times less likely to quit and we do this by breaking away the shackles invented during the Industrial Revolution. In the twenty first century we stop treating people like machines or things that we can command and instead inspire employees to take a more active role. Old thinking puts people in the company accounts as a liability and instead should be valued as an asset.

As competition in the business world has intensified, motivation and employee retention has been under the microscope and we can to help you get a leg up on enhancing workforce support for key corporate initiatives.

Manage Outsourced Selling

You run your business, we run your sales department . Our new outsourced sales offering allows you freedom to build your business and you escape the challenges of employing, coaching and managing sales staff.

By outsourcing sales you remove distractions that keep you from working on the expansion of your company

We work with a team in the sales function of your business. You & we agree targets and give feedback you can work on the macro features of doing all the macro things to drive your business forward

As an entrepreneur you know you should do nothing apart from watch the numbers and work on the business rather than in the business. We sweat the small stuff and you build an empire

Your role is to expand the business or create the product set, and we run your sales department

Now we free you of getting bogged down in the sales department explanations for why sales people do what they do and why they don’t do what they don’t do

This gives the business owner access to a new source of performance and opens up a new realm of opportunity

We can then implement a sales process and methodology that will actually stick

Coaching Behavioural Change

We are not pitching a revolutionary selling or coaching tool and frankly we believe the next revolution in selling is a dangerous gamble.

If you ignore the revolutionary sales systems you have previously been left with one of the many sales systems born in the early or mid twentieth century. The buyer of the twenty first century has the ability to conduct far more research and interacts with the sales person at a later stage in the selling cycle.

Whether research is conducted pre-sale or post-sale the buyer of today is much more savvy and could be insulted by old hat manipulation.

All we can say is the we never trained your dad!

Our business is about conducting a study of your business to see what works, what doesn't and why not. A psychologist has all the data transcribed and conducts and analysis and only then do we make slight changes in terms of something in line with our thoughts on evolution over revolution.

Our aim is making the sales staff comfortable with the tension a sales scenario usually finds and then we focus on reducing transactional tension.

The result should stop staff from negotiating too fast over price and focus instead on business value at touch points in the sales cycle.

The advantage for your business is that we stop those who give away too much and encourage a focus on the customer experience to create success during critical customer negotiations.

Innovators Customer Experience

Customer journey mapping plans all the customer's touch points and continuously monitors customer awareness

In the twentieth century customers were the means to an end, profit, we might even roll our eyes and make noises that would manipulate the customer through faux posturing

In the twenty first century the clever organisation is the organisation which exists to serve customers first and profit is a possible side effect if we do our job correctly .

Customers do not want to be manipulated when they are being sold to – they don’t want bad trauma and instead want to be in full control of the information they receive.

In the twentieth century some sales organisations thrived on working 100-hour weeks, sales staff passing out bleary-eyed over desks and empty takeout food containers, waking up with drool on their keyboard, then getting back to work on those phones.

In the twenty first century we seek sales centric staff, the kind of staff who have a ‘run my own business mentality’ and work hard to provide themselves and their families with a lifestyle of kings.

As marketing gets more and more expensive, it turns out that caring for people is a useful shortcut to trust, which leads to all the other things that a growing organization seeks.

Your customers can tell if you have authentic integrity and that is our cornerstone.